Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this is what 21 weeks with twins looks like

     so i caved.  here's a photo.  it's weird being a freakshow.  i had a bride and her friend blatantly stare at my stomach as they talked to me.  they wouldn't look into my eyes.  it was so bad that elise, who works with me, even pointed it out.
     we had our the big 20 week ultrasound last week and everything is looking great!  they are super active and doing really well.  here are the boy's profiles:

                                                           so fun!!   

Monday, February 7, 2011

and the winner is...


                    yep.  that's where we will be living.  so here's the timeline, the twins will come in june and then we will be in seattle in august, pretty quick but we are so excited.  i was so excited that i had to watch this:

            i was really enjoying it and thinking about how cool it is going to be to live there and then i had a foreshadowing of what my future would bring.  i kept hearing the phrase "sleepless in seattle" throughout the whole movie and then i would feel the boys kicking and that is when i knew.  i was going to be moving to seattle and was going to get zero sleep.  i turned off the movie and took a nap right then and there.
            how are the boys, you ask?  oh, they're doing really great.  they're moving around, getting chubby and in the meantime making it so that i can't move around and that i start getting chubby.  that's ok though, i've been enjoying it.  the ultrasounds are awesome!  they like to kick each other and stand on their heads and it's so fun to see them move and watch their hearts beat.  i can't wait to meet them. 
            so, if you are feeling like taking a little vacation to the north west coast, you will have friends there with an extra room to stay with.  seriously, we will want visitors so start making plans.