Friday, January 28, 2011

why my mission was better than yours

ok... i don't really feel like my mission was better than anyone else's, but my mission was pretty awesome. if you don't know, i served in the nebraska, omaha mission where not only did i do the whole door to door tracting and teaching thing, but i was also able to serve at the winter quarters visitor center where i was able to become well acquainted with church history.
i was also able to become well acquainted with this man, bob smith. bob smith is the great grandson of Joseph Smith and if you're not familiar with who that man is he is the prophet who restored Jesus Christ's original church back to the earth. anyway if you have questions on that, give me a call and we can discuss. anyway, i love bob smith and i was able to get to know him very well and be there during his conversion. i love his story and he finally shared it. i want to share it with you now.

by the way, when you click on the link it will take you to page two.  scroll to the bottom of  the article and go back to page one. 

Meridian Magazine - Missionary Moment - Emma: I was Too Tired to go West - Page 2

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

decisions, decisions


or this...

i think i already know what you're thinking, but it's not as easy as it seems.

tj and i are feeling really blessed, excited and a little overwhelmed. 2011 is kind of a big deal for us, not only are we going to welcome our twin boys, but soon after we will be moving to a new city. this week tj recieved an offer from amazon which would mean we would move to seattle. seattle!! what a cool city with tons of stuff to do. museums, restaurants, the ocean, and of course the high cost of living.
then there is the offer from walmart which would mean we would be moving to bentonville, where we lived this summer. small town, family oriented, down to earth people, beaver lake and one cheap flight away from places like florida and new orleans and of course the low cost of living.
so we are supposed to make a decision here pretty soon that will shape the course of our lives. (deep breath) but i'll be perfectly honest, i'll go anywhere. i think both places sound fun and i am open for whatever the future brings. i really think it will come down to whatever company tj wants to work for. anyway, i will for sure let you all know (all 2 of you) as soon as we make a decision. i love a new adventure!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


          that's right, two boys.  we are so excited!!  girls scare me.  i'm sure you're thinking "but you grew up with all girls alex and so did tj".  well girls are hormonal, drama, they cry a lot and i don't think that i can be sensitive to that, but if we have a girl after these two boys they can straighten her out. 
          anyway... there you go.  so freaking excited!!