Friday, December 10, 2010

our little a and b

              all of this is true except for the boy and girl part.  we don't know quit yet, but anyway, yeah...we are totally having twins!!  let me answer some questions that EVERYONE asks us (which is fine):

1.  i'm 10 weeks along
2.  yes, we were using fertility treatments.  clomid to be exact.
3.  yes, twins run in my family.
4.  no, i haven't been sick at all, just really really ridiculously tired.
5.  yes we do have some names that we love, but until we know what we are having we won't nail those down.
 6.  we have known for 6 weeks now.
7.  yes, we are sooooo excited!

       anyway, that's all i can think of right now but please feel free to ask. 

we found out about the twins in kind of a funky way.  on my mom's birthday, november 19th, we thought i was having a miscarriage and rushed to the ER.  we were really sad, as you can imagine, and as i was getting an ultra sound we thought that we would be making sure that the baby wasn't there.  well, the tech looked at us and said "do twins run in your family" and we looked at her like "really, your going to be that insensitive and tell me that we lost twins".  as i had tears in my eyes i said that i did and she said " because you're having twins and they are doing just fine".  holy crap.
       as you can imagine we went from crushed to elated in about 2 seconds.  it was crazy. 

      so there you go.  our lives are drastically changing forever and we wouldn't want it any other way.

       best reaction of the news?  some of our really awesome friends who we talked to on the phone and his exact response was
                       "excuse my language but that's f***ing awesome"