Thursday, August 25, 2011

we're still here!

       hi everyone.  it's alex again.   if you're not friends with us in real life or on facebook, you're probably wondering what happened to us.  did the boys ever leave the hospital?  did we end up moving to seattle?  here is the update.
william the day before he left the hospital

winston the day before he left the hospital

         what seemed like forever finally ended june 28th. the boys finally left the nicu.  what was so cool was that they left the exact same day!  that never happens!  the nurses were telling us the whole time that the boys will probably go home at different times and we were kinda dreading the whole having one boy at the hospital and one at home.  we kept whispering in their ears to wait for each other and they are very obedient little men.
one of the best days ever!
          the boys are both doing great!  they are getting so big and really starting to interact with us.  here is a photo of them that i took last week.

        we are so in love with them.  so, now we live in seattle.  we moved about five weeks after we were able to take the boys home.  it's been kind of a whirlwind, but we love love love it here.  we have a pretty killer guest bedroom and all visitors are welcome anytime! 
       TJ started work at and he likes it.  we were spoiled having him around for four months between graduation and starting his job so it was kind of a bummer when he left for work.
       speaking of change:
             i cut my hair off and bleached it.  whenever i held the boys, and especially when i would put them down in the crib, they would have this death grip on my hair and about the 593,748,990 time that it happened, i was done.  i also think that i didn't realize, while i was on bed rest and during the whole stressful nicu experience, that my hair was now down to my waist.  i looked like a polygamist's wife.  so off it went!  it's so nice.
            so that is the readers digest update on how things are going.  i want to thank everyone again for all of the thoughts and prayers that were sent our way for the boys.  they were felt and i know that they are part of the reason that our boys are doing so well. 
            i will be updating more so that our family can see what we are up to and if you would like to see what we are doing, feel free to come back and visit!