Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Bugs!!

i know what you're thinking and yes, it is a special occasion and that is why i am blogging.

it's kind of weird to think that the boys came into our lives a year ago.

         their first year has come and gone so fast, but at the same time it feels like they have always been with us.  i always knew that they were special and that they needed to be here.  from the very beginning they were fighters.  at 9 weeks when i thought i was having a miscarriage and TJ and i sat in the ER, there was a calm that came over the both of us.  we felt at peace and we didn't really know why.  well, come to find out that not only were we not having a miscarriage, but we were having twins!
               the day i was placed on bed rest at 26 weeks, TJ and i were supposed to jump on a plane to go on a disneyland vacation with my family.  i had made an appointment to see my doctor and get an ultrasound that day, when really i should have seen him when we got back from the trip.  now we know why i felt like i should and it's because i probably would have gone into preterm labor in california and would have lost the boys.

             when i think back to the day when the boys were born, i don't feel fear.  i know it sounds weird because anyone having twins at 30 weeks should be terrified, but TJ and i weren't fearful that day.  a little worried?  yes, but fearful?  no.  i know we were being comforted.

            throughout the two months that the boys were in the NICU there were many ups and downs, but they were so strong and determined and we were blessed beyond measure.  our nurses and doctors became very close friends and were always there to offer wisdom and a shoulder to cry on.

           we are eternally grateful for our boys and for their health and strength, but we know that our story isn't always common.  the boys were surrounded by very sick babies while in the hospital and we saw the heartache that some parents persevered through.

         because of this experience that our little family went though, we wanted to find a way to help other families have a similar outcome.  two days after William and Winston's birthday, may 5th (cinco de mayo!), we will be in Salt Lake walking in the March of Dime's March for Babies.  through this walk we will be raising money to help further research to help find answers to the problems that threaten premature babies.

       listen, we understand that it seems like there is always a cause or a reason to donate money.  we get it.  we just wanted to put this out there in case you were close to someone who has gone through this or have had a premature baby yourself.

    to donate, please go to our March for Babies Team page by clicking here.  even better?  just come walk with us that morning!  we don't get to see everyone now that we are living up in sunny seattle and we would love to to see you all!
     anyway, if you have made it this far, give yourselves a big pat on the back and know that we love you.

oh and one more thing
how can you say no to these sweet babies?

ok.  i'm done.