Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A List

Of what has happened since I blogged last. We all know that I'm not very good at this kind of stuff so I thought that since so much has happened I would just make a list. Here it goes:

1. Went to Washington DC for a week for our first Anniversary (we have a thing for history)
2. Bought a house
3. Went to Las Vegas with the Davis Fam
4. Went to Arizona with the Dunn Fam ( we ended up staying in our hotel room for two days barfing our guts up. Long story but let just say that the Honeymoon is officially over!).
5. I showed up on a cover of a magazine (thanks to my wedding photographer...)
6. Went to TJ's 10 year High School Reunion.
7. TJ started school at BYU and will be leaving his job here in the next little while (gulp)
8. I finally sewed those throw pillows that I've been talking about since December
9. I started tennis lessons

Well I think that's all that has happened since last time. I'll try harder this time. Promise.