Tuesday, December 20, 2011

flock of seagulls

merry christmas from the davis family!

and i know, we are all thinking it...

i didn't realize it until we got them printed out.
at least i love the 80's!

hope everyone has fun this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh yesterday...

i fell off the wagon.
and then it turned around and ran over me a few times.

a little background:
    when tj and i moved here and looked in the mirror, we were a little shocked as to what we saw.  after pregnancy, bed rest, the stress of the boys in the nicu, and moving we had acquired a little more wight than we had realized.  we knew we needed a change and not only with our weight but our relationship with food.  so we changed everything in our diet and the weight started coming off and we have never felt better.

fast forward to yesterday:
     i had a large final in anthropology last night, two bored screaming babies, a wreck of a house, a primary meeting, and i was exhausted.  i felt the urge creep up inside and once it started i couldn't stop it.  i went to the cupboard, found some old cake mix and whipped up some cake mix cookie batter and ate half of it.

it wasn't that pretty.

i ended up being sick for the rest of the day, but my final?  Nailed it!!  
bring on my birthday and christmas!  best week of the year.

Monday, December 5, 2011

i'm so good at blogging, i'm thinking about going professional

      after many of my readers told me they missed my entries, i thought i would finally grace you all with my internet presence.  by many readers i mean my friend elise and by entries i mean the one every six months that i churn out and seriously, what would i blog about?  my gourmet dinner i ordered from pizza hut?   how about the cute onsies that i pay my friend brooklyn to make?  i promise i would take photos of the delivery man and the money exchange between me and brooklyn so that it's easier for you to see how i do it.
     if you couldn't tell, i'm kidding and i love looking at those kinds of blogs.  i live vicariously through those women and i pretend that i'm going to sew myself a new dress tonight, but i never do.  after the boys go to bed i sit on the couch with the teejer and watch whatever we have recorded on the dvr and i honestly feel completely fulfilled doing so.  but you ladies who blog, keep it coming because it's women like me that are obsessed with you.  i even commented on one of those blogs the other day and the chick wrote me back wanting to meet me at starbucks for a drink.  i almost passed out, i was so excited.  i never wrote her back though.  i don't want my image of her to be shattered.  she is perfect in my eyes.
    anyway onto what you really want to see.


       look at those little buddies.  they are 7 months old now and so much fun!
       on a more important note
             we have four stockings now for christmas!
              i looked over at the fireplace the other night and thought "whoa, we have a real family going on here."  and no i didn't make those stockings, picked them up at good ol' pottery barn but i'll let visitors think that i did.
            well, merry christmas and happy birthday to me this month.  i'll sign off with more photos of my favorite little men.