Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm sure this was a shock

         So, when you saw our blog at the top of your list were you shocked?  It has been eight months since I blogged and I thought since we have had some big changes we should probably blog about it.  First things first, TJ got an internship with Walmart's marketing team in Bentonville Arkansas for the summer and so we packed up our stuff and headed out to the Ozarks for three months.  We had a long drive ahead of us and would be driving through states that we may not see again together so we decided to make a trip out of it. 
          We hit up the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota.  It was really amazing and it will be incredible when it gets finished... if it ever gets finished.  After going to see Crazy Horse we headed over to see Mount Rushmore.
          It a lot smaller that we thought it would be but it was amazing!  It was kinda surreal to be there.  There was a wedding going on at the base of the mountain while we were there... interesting.
    We stopped by the Badlands National Park.  It was so weird because you are driving through these grassy rolling hills with cows everywhere and all of a sudden it looks like you are driving through Lake Powell if it was drained.  We didn't get very good pictures but if you're ever in the area I would suggest stopping by.
                                                         TJ with a hot plastic saloon girl
                                          TJ and me with a hot plastic grandma with a huge cigar
         We then stopped by my Mission and the Visitor Center that I served in.  It was a little strange going back there and not knowing anyone but it felt so good to be back.
Now here are the Lords.  I taught and helped to get them baptized and it was the first time that TJ was able to meet them.  They took us out to an awesome BBQ place down in Lincoln.  I love them so much and it was awesome to be with them again.  We also got to see two other converts of mine while we were there.  I loved bringing TJ around and letting him see another part of who I am.
                                                           We then set off to Nauvoo
This is Sister Nelson.  Her and her husband were one of the senior couples on my mission.  They are now serving their second mission in Nauvoo.
                                                          We stopped by Carthage Jail.
               And then we finally made it.  Its actually really great here in Bentonville my only complaint is the humidity.  It was 88 degrees here and with the humidity it feels like 250 degrees.  It going to be really different and really fun and I will keep you updated on whats we are doing while we are here.